"I've got an iPhone, and I like annoying people"

Discussion in 'In general' started by Refalm, Aug 27, 2013.

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    What do iPhone users and people who drink bottled water have in common?

    They're both stupid enough to buy overpriced bullshit that harms the environment.

    Why did Apple choose to have turned on tactile feedback with sound on full on their devices? Are people using them too dumb to notice that they have touched a key, that they need audio feedback too?

    Maybe it isn't such a smart idea to have annoying sounds on by default, when your user base is too devoid of a sense of exploration and intelligence to change things for the better (or egotistical enough to not care for their surroundings).

    Then again, Mac products are advertized as the best devices to use if you want to annoy people.

    When you have a friend with an iPhone, or you're in a position where you have to pre-configure them, it's your duty to turn it off.
    Or, print this out and hang it where ever iPhone users roam.

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